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Release Notes

  • 4.14 Build 759
  • 4.14 Build 745
  • 4.14 Build 744
  • 4.13 Build 735
  • 4.13 Build 722
  • 4.12 Build 715
  • 4.12 Build 708
  • 4.12 Build 702
  • 4.12 Build 689
  • 4.11 Build 686
  • 4.10 Build 682
  • 4.10 Build 680
  • 4.9 Build 665
  • 4.9 Build 660
  • 4.8 Build 645
  • 4.8 Build 636
  • 4.6 Build 596
  • 4.6 Build 595
  • 4.5 Build 579
  • 4.5 Build 572
  • 4.4 Build 559
  • 4.4 Build 556 Initial Release

  • 14-01-2015 4.14 Build 759

    • general: Speex support for p2p calls has been removed.
    • general: The internal connection handling has been enhanced.
    • general: The function to import Skype contacts has been removed.
    • general: The function to import MSN contacts has been removed.
    • feature: Login error's are now explained more extensively.

    14-01-2015 4.14 Build 759 Initial Release

    • bugfix: Some internal locking issues solved.
    • bugfix: Clearing the callhistory contained a locking bug.
    • bugfix: Stopping the client while a call was still active could sometimes freeze the client.
    • bugfix: Bug fixes: New User Registration Wizard
    • bugfix: Minor bugfixes
    • bugfix: Adding phone numbers could fail for some countries (Russian Federation, Ukraine, Mauritius and some more).

    17-02-2014 4.14 Build 745

    • bugfix: The 'getting started' screen could end up in a deadlock when registering or logging in (build 744 only).

    30-01-2014 4.14 Build 744

    • general: Redesign of "New user Registration" dialog
    • general: Show message in call history on sound problems on incoming call
    • bugfix: When a signup procedure took too long and the user aborted the procedure, the client remained in state 'connection' and retrying the signup was not possible.
    • bugfix: The shutdownprocedure has been enhanced.
    • bugfix: Small VoiceEngine enhancements.
    • bugfix: Minor fixes

    23-07-2013 4.13 Build 735

    • bugfix: Outlook contact loading bugfixed.
    • bugfix: minor fixes

    20-06-2013 4.13 Build 722

    • general: Minor internal changes
    • general: Some minor fixes
    • feature: Minor changes
    • feature: Minor bugfixes.
    • bugfix: Minor fix
    • bugfix: After a LiveUpdate of the client on a PC running Windows 8 the client would not go to the foreground when the shortcut (tile) was clicked in the Windows 8 Start screen.
    • bugfix: Profile fixed delete phonenumber issue

    29-04-2013 4.12 Build 715

    • general: Minor bugfixes
    • general: the reliability of DTMF throughput has been enhanced.
    • bugfix: minor fix
    • bugfix: Some minor changes.
    • bugfix: Solved crash in sms screen
    • bugfix: Solved several bugs

    18-03-2013 4.12 Build 708

    • bugfix: Startup crash solved.
    • bugfix: Audiowizard crash solved
    • bugfix: minor fix
    • bugfix: minor fixes
    • bugfix: Some minor bug fixes.
    • bugfix: When contact is offline and there's a phonenumber known, the phonenumber is called.
    • bugfix: When user entered a number to dial without country, it's not handled as contact.

    26-02-2013 4.12 Build 702

    • general: Renamed Logon/Log off to Sign in/ Sign out in menu's. Optional to Sign out and forget password.
    • feature: Adding a # in front of a number will hide caller id.
    • bugfix: Minor changes
    • bugfix: Memory leak solved in the internal graphics library.
    • bugfix: In a network with an internet proxy the client could sometimes crash.
    • bugfix: The client could crash when the wrong time was read from an ntp server.
    • bugfix: The client could crash when the start of a dns resolution failed.
    • bugfix: minor bugfixes
    • bugfix: minor fixes
    • bugfix: minor fixes

    20-12-2012 4.12 Build 689

    • bugfix: Bugfixes for connectivity
    • bugfix: minor bugfixes

    28-11-2012 4.11 Build 686

    • feature: Security enhancements.
    • feature: The verification of a phonenumber starts directly after adding the phonenumber
    • bugfix: Sms history bug solved.
    • bugfix: New verification wizard was not always used.

    23-10-2012 4.10 Build 682

    • general: Some cosmetic changes in the view of the profile screen.
    • general: New design for adding and deleting phonenumbers in profile window.
    • bugfix: Sms tab was disabled.
    • bugfix: When displaying the context-menu the application locked.

    04-10-2012 4.10 Build 680

    • general: Minor changes.
    • general: The advanced connection system has been enhanced.
    • general: Advanced connection setup has been enhanced.
    • feature: Minor security enhancements have been implemented.
    • bugfix: several minor bugfixes
    • bugfix: several small bugfixes
    • bugfix: Minor fixes
    • bugfix: P2P calling was not working.
    • bugfix: The problem report dialog now uses word-wrapping in the 'comment textbox'.
    • bugfix: Several displaypicture issues solved.
    • bugfix: Browser links in de client where not formatted correctly.
    • bugfix: Advanced connection handling contained a time-bug and could crash the client.
    • bugfix: A small bug in the advanced connection method has been solved.

    24-04-2012 4.9 Build 665

    • general: Enhanced encryption handling.
    • general: Extra code has been added in the error reporting feature to find errors better.
    • feature: The VoiceEngine is modified for less processor consumption.
    • bugfix: A timer bug has been solved iin the WAN-test.
    • bugfix: UDP sockets could be closed twice in rare occasions.
    • bugfix: A bug in the internal wan-test has been fixed. This wil solve a lot of crashes.

    20-03-2012 4.9 Build 660

    • general: A new version of the base framework has been implemented. Stability has been improved.
    • general: An updated version of the voiceengine has been included in the application.
    • general: A better noise canceler has been implemented.
    • general: Improved VoiceEngine
    • general: Improved VoiceEngine
    • general: New VoiceEngine version 7.07 with improved noise cancelling.
    • feature: Multi-part sms is now possible.
    • bugfix: Fixed reading file error in restore contacts from archive.
    • bugfix: The VoiceEngine contained a bug that could crash the application while in a call. Bad connections suffered from this bug the most.
    • bugfix: The function GetProcessIdOfThread was used in build 652. However this function is not supported on WindowsXP. A workaround has been created.
    • bugfix: History sms popup size now works with multipart sms.
    • bugfix: A few crashes have been removed.

    17-08-2011 4.8 Build 645

    • bugfix: Fixed connection bugs
    • bugfix: The client deadlocked on incoming calls.
    • bugfix: Some minor issues in the network testfunctions have been fixed.
    • bugfix: A bug in the wan measurement system has been fixed.

    29-06-2011 4.8 Build 636

    • general: An non working test menu item has been removed from the view.
    • general: Internal connection methods have been slightly enhanced resulting in faster connects.
    • general: Vtp connection method has been made less dependent on backend server status.
    • general: Minor internal changes.
    • general: On a specific connection method peer-to-peer calls where not possible. Users are now notified when this happens.
    • general: The internet re-check timer has been adjusted to ensure faster connect times.
    • general: The internal internet check has been slightly enhanced.
    • general: A new and faster connect method has been implemented.
    • general: tcp.connectionserver.label.tld is now used in stead of connectiontcp1.label.tld and connectiontcp2.label.tld
    • general: When the client was started minimized or invisible notification dialogs where not displayed correctly. Now the client will be restored.
    • general: When a restricted user tries to perform a LiveUpdate, a proper error message is displayed.
    • general: The new liveupdate screens are now translatable.
    • feature: Inserted new menu item 'Contacts'. All contacts related menu items moved to this menu.
    • feature: Renamed menu item 'File' to 'Account'. Close is removed from this menu.
    • feature: When the setup is started, the running client will be stopped.
    • feature: The client will first check the internet connection before proceeding to connect to the voip network.
    • feature: The LiveUpdate system has been enhanced. When checking for new versions an overview of new files is presented.
    • bugfix: Minor Bug fixes
    • bugfix: Fixed potential crash in shutdown sequence.
    • bugfix: Calls could get disturbed when an incoming call was received during an active call.
    • bugfix: Fixed potential crash in Bandwidth test procedure.
    • bugfix: An internal bug in the connection system has been solved.
    • bugfix: There was a bug in the background drawing functions that could cause clients to crash.
    • bugfix: Modified vtp connection timeout
    • bugfix: On one specific connection method it was impossible to receive voip-in calls.
    • bugfix: When a logon failed due to a wrong password, the client would reconnect with the wrong method.
    • bugfix: Very often the client would not select the optimal connection method.
    • bugfix: In rare cases the client could crash while connecting.
    • bugfix: When the connection was lost during a call and the client was exited, the client could sometimes crash.
    • bugfix: Conference calls where virtually impossible due to internal locking problems.
    • bugfix: The client could end up in a connection state where it could not logon anymore. Restarting the app was the only solution to be able to logon again.
    • bugfix: When the client would download updates after checking for updates, the progress icon was not displayed.
    • bugfix: On rare occasions the client could go in an infinite reconnect loop.
    • bugfix: The LiveUpdate screen had a faulty black background on Windows XP.
    • bugfix: It was impossible to update the client from a restricted user account in Windows 7.
    • bugfix: After a LiveUpdate it took too long before the application restarted.
    • bugfix: Communication layer could fail resulting in failure to logon or other communication failure.
    • bugfix: Because Outlook contacts can not be deleted from the contact list, the DEL key is ignored for this type of contacts.
    • bugfix: When making a phone-2-phone call with the client, the callduration was not displayed.
    • bugfix: When re-displaying the 'register new user' screen, the captcha was not displayed.
    • bugfix: When a call was ended focus could be removed from an active chat window.
    • bugfix: The history screen did not show the displayname of peer-2-peer contacts.
    • bugfix: Voice Engine 7.04 implemented. Now can play speaker/mic samplerates of 88200,176400 and 192000 samples/sec under vista and higher. Fixed a problem when changing devices.

    05-10-2010 4.6 Build 596

    • bugfix: Some internal addresses where wrong, this has been corrected.

    04-10-2010 4.6 Build 595

    • general: Minor internal settings change.
    • general: The internal webconfig loader has been rewritten.
    • feature: voice verify new style added
    • feature: On an incoming P2P call a user can initiate a chat with the other party by pressing the right mouse button on the taskbar-notify-window.
    • bugfix: The Mapi interface to display outlook contacts did not always load correctly.
    • bugfix: On some occasions the audio device wizard would crash.
    • bugfix: Voice engine 7.03 implemented, handles crash that would occur on some sounddevice like "remote sound" that uses large frame buffering.
    • bugfix: Registering a new account did not work from the startup wizard. This bug was accidentally introduced in version 4.6 build 590.
    • bugfix: When entering very long usernames in the logon screen the client would not respond anymore and logonprocedure had to be manually terminated.
    • bugfix: The audiolevels during a conference were not always displayed properly.
    • bugfix: The kernel has been enhanced on several places increasing stability of the application.
    • bugfix: VoiceEngine 7.02 was implemented, fixed a bug where the noise cancellation resulted in degeneration of the speech signal.
    • bugfix: New voice engine v7.01 inplemented. Improved voice quality under noisy sound conditions, better sound quality under slow internet conditions.
    • bugfix: Two possible deadlocks have been fixed.
    • bugfix: On some occasions it was impossible to start subsequent peer-to-peer calls because the UDP connecton was broken by the first call.
    • bugfix: A possible deadlock has been solved.

    14-07-2010 4.5 Build 579

    • general: Country code +47 (Norway) has been assigned to Svalbard and Jan Mayen.
    • general: Country code +672 (Norfolk Island) has been assigned to Heard Island and McDonald Islands.
    • general: If call fails because of invalid phone number format; an explaining message with example will appear.
    • bugfix: The new internet connectiontest introduced in build 563 has been disabled because it caused problems for users behind a proxy server.
    • bugfix: The client could sometimes crash when exited.
    • bugfix: The client could crash because of a stack overflow in the trace function. The CStrings have been made static in these functions.

    02-07-2010 4.5 Build 572

    • general: The close button has been removed from the liveupdate balloon. Hopefully this change will trigger people to update to the latest version more quickly.
    • feature: A better internet connection test has been implemented. This will result in better connections to our servers and therefore better call quality.
    • bugfix: New voice engine 6.11 implemented, with better receive concealment and smoother TCP handling.
    • bugfix: A small memory leak was introduced in version 4.05 build 570. This leak has been removed.
    • bugfix: When a voip server was put in maintenance, the client did not reroute to another server automatically.
    • bugfix: When the connection switched from TCP to UDP, the connection could occasionally drop again after a few seconds.
    • bugfix: Phonenumber settings could get lost when phone number verification was started.
    • bugfix: When a computer resumed from standby, the client would try to logon, even if no username or password is available. Now it only logs on when it is set to automatically logon.

    05-05-2010 4.4 Build 559

    • feature: Subscriptions are displayed on the info tab.
    • bugfix: When a name was entered in the 'suggested username page' the correct radiobutton was not automatically selected.
    • bugfix: The 'next' button in the suggestion screen was not always correctly disabled and enabled.
    • bugfix: On Windows 7 the bandwidth test did not work.
    • bugfix: In a previous version the login credentials where not remembered by default. This has been changed back so that they will be remembered by default.
    • bugfix: Previous version 4.04 build 556 did not start on Windows 2000.

    04-01-2010 4.4 Build 556 Initial Release

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